Let There Be Light!

Dec 21, 2022
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Skylights are a great way to bring natural light and ventilation into any space. Especially at this time of year, having that extra light can brighten even the darkest days of winter.

But skylights have a dark side, too. If not done properly these roof windows you can contribute to high energy bills, rooms that are unusable at certain times of the year, or expensive repairs due to moisture problems.

Skylight Advantages:
▪️They can make rooms looks bigger and brighter
▪️Ventilate humid rooms
▪️Promotes good health and mood
▪️Offers architectural and stylistic statement
▪️Energy efficiency through solar heating
▪️Roof Access

Skylights Drawbacks:
▪️Too much light. Depending on the orientation and size of the skylight, you can end up with a room that’s too bright or has too much glare for comfort
▪️Heat gain & loss. Skylights, like all windows, are a thermal liability in your home
▪️Poor insulation
▪️Moisture and leaking issues

Given all the benefits of roof windows and skylights, they make the perfect addition to your space, aesthetically and functionally. Work with a reputed roofing company to complete a skylight installation that suits your needs. While you can always do it yourself, expert consultation will help save on the costs of a wrong product model choice or installation.


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