Taking Real Estate, Pursuing Your Dreams and Mindset on Sauga 960 Radio

Oct 6, 2022
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It was a pleasure being asked to join Sauga 960 AM with host Brian Crombie on Tuesday October 3rd.  We discussed the real estate market, changing careers and how mindset plays a huge role regardless of what industry or life situation you are in.

The Real Estate Market has shifted but despite the doom and gloom being reported we are in a great market! Inventory is still very low, buyers have adjusted to their new levels of affordability and although homes are sitting a little longer many are still retaining their values. Yes we are down in sales, BUT we are still high in price.  This shift allows for some good purchases to be seen, especially in some areas.  As in all markets, nothing lasts forever.

Marry the house, date the rate.  The market will shift again in due time, don’t try and time the market.

It’s important to make the moves in accordance to your life needs.

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