Haven’t Found the One? Don’t Settle!

Oct 19, 2021
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Just Call Me The Match Maker

The role of a Realtor is about really about playing cupid.  Matching buyers to their perfect home, one home at a time!

I usually put forward some dating rules to make sure our matching making is a success!


I need to ensure that homes my buyers are looking for a well within their league.  Looking at homes that buyer’s can’t afford is simply misleading an disappointing.

Are They Over Their Last Home

I need to make  sure my buyers love affair with their current home is truly over and that they are committed to moving forward.   Once you make that commitment you can’t simply return it like a pair of shoes.

Rule Out Infatuations With Looks

Similar to on-line dating, is the picture really how the home looks when you see it in real life? It’s easy for buyers to get excited and lust over a home through photos.  It may look perfect – but far from perfect.  I have to be sure there isn’t an infatuation with photos and that buyers are fully aware of the whole package before diving in head first.  Being genuine, honest and grounding my buyers is always on te forefront of my mind.

Follow Your Heart AND Your Gut

All things considered, buyers need to follow their heart and their gut.  The home, even with it’s flaws needs to feel right.  With all my suggestions and advice, buyers will ultimately know what they’re marrying into and if I’ve done my job correctly they will be very comfortable and confident doing so.

The BIG Day

Closing day  is a big celebration of the union.  Buyers just married the home of their dreams and I couldn’t be more happy for their happily every after.  That doesn’t mean I go away and never to be heard from again… The grass is green where you water it and a home needs needs ongoing care and continuous devotion.  With a plethora of resources at my fingertips, I am only a phone call away should by buyer need any trades-workers.  I will always be available to assist to make sure their dream home stays shiny and bright long after the honeymoon stage is over.


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