Are you waiting for prices to skyrocket back up before selling? 🚀

Apr 14, 2023
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So you bought your home during the high peak of the market, now u need or want to sell and feel you will likely lose money, should you wait longer?

I’m going to answer NO!

It will take a long time to reach to values we saw 2years ago. We are back to healthier market.

Instead, I’ll ask you 3 simple questions:

1️⃣ WHY do you want / need to move?
2️⃣ WHERE do you want to move to?
3️⃣ How much VALUE do you place on either of those things?

This about the non montenary value, all that time and gas commuting, time lost with family, missing the those kids activities, and walking up early to get to where you need to be. Think about VALUE in terms of what actually matters to you, your family to your life and how that move can be a game changer.

When you think about where you’d like or need to move to, will the money you’ll loose by your sale be made up in your purchase and future value appreciations? Location and rate of appreciation are highly connected.

Quick Facts 💡
In March, Mississauga home sales were up 54%, Toronto 43%, Oakville 57% and Vaughan 29%. Buyers are serious and motivated!

Think big picture, time your life not the market!

Connect with me and let’s figure out your options.

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