Are YOU taking advantage of the biggest real estate opportunity we seen in years?

Nov 18, 2022
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Yes, interest rates have gone SO WHAT?? If you look at a home that was purchased earlier in the year with a higher purchase price and a lower interest rate VS the same house today with a much lower purchase price and a higher interest rate your paying almost the same!

Seems crazy but it’s true. 😮

Prices are at the lowest we’ve seen in years. Rates are expected to decrease by next year. What a great opportunity to grow equity sooner.

Buy now – refinance later! It’s a no-brainer! 🤑

Buyers waiting on that sideline watching that ship sail will regret not jumping on the wagon in a few years. The savvy investors are jumping all over condos, and overpriced homes that have been sitting on the market. With 400,000 immigrants set to arrive next year where are they all going to live?

With condos up in value, that same owner now has the opportunity to climb that property ladder and into a detached home. If he/she can rent out the condo – BONUS. 1 bedroom leases are at $2400/month.

Don’t be the one that let the opportunities get away! Give me a shout today and let’s jump on that opportunity wagon.

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