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Jan 11, 2024
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Hi 👋 I’m Carla and I’m grateful for the steady & organic growth in followers on my social media accounts and thank you everyone that reads my blogs!
Here are some fun little tidbits about me!
✨I’m a mom of two amazing kids, 13 and 15, both hockey players so I’m often freezing at arenas everywhere.
✨Spent 24 years working with the City of Toronto Public Safety Sector before pursuing my passion
✨Realtor for 14 years & Broker for 5.
✨Investor & Airbnb superhost for 4 years plus
✨Owner /manager of Urban Boutique Property Management Co. with multiple short-term rentals.
✨Highly extroverted Sagittarius
✨Portuguese & very fluent
✨OCD about punctuality – so don’t be late!
✨Static anxiety is a thing but I can also chill nicely ✨Passionate about helping others succeed
✨I have bad days but bounce back quickly—every day is a new reset.
✨Love quiet time & reading books for business, mindset & growth.
✨Huge believer in “The Universe has Your Back” and the laws of attraction.
✨I sense negative energy from miles away & swiftly distance myself.
✨Wear my heart on my sleeve sometimes to a fault
✨Bulldog and skilled negotiator at everything ( works great on my kids 🙂
✨Relentless and rarely take no for an answer
✨Problems are merely opportunities for creative solutions.
✨Thrive on discipline & structure. Keeps me on track but also very spontaneous ( yes figure that out! )
✨Love traveling and exploring new places
✨Do not love winter and grey skies
✨Very solar powered!
✨Blessed with a circle of best friends for over 20 years
✨Focused on balance between working hard and playing harder.
✨Live authentically. I show up better.
✨Always grateful
✨Some of life’s best moments can’t be shared.
Most importantly, I enjoy like-minded, growth-oriented people, especially working with them as clients!
I’ve assisted clients in all residential markets including: first-time homebuyers, investors, renters, sellers of luxury properties, condos & recreation properties. Need helping setting up a short term rental. I can help with that as well. 🙋🏻‍♀️
Need guidance? 🤔
Let’s connect—I might just be your perfect match! 💘

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